Database Storage & Auto Excel Backups

Updated - 3 Nov 2018


Database storage is now available. To turn database storage on, flip the switch on any timer page to Database + Local Storage Backup. This setting synchs to all versions of TT including the bookmarklet, mobile version, and windowed version. Turning this on will auto sync the tasks of the current day. Turning this off will remove any tasks placed in the database today. Feel free to send any questions using the contact developer option, but please read this page in its entirety before sending.

Two Types of Timecards

The first thing to go over is that there are now two types of timecards.

  1. Itemized Timecards - Itemized timecards are timecards that store tasks one by one. These are the exact same time cards we've been dealing with. Itemized will store information on each and every task. Itemized timecards will continue to appear here: Timecards
  2. Sum-Total Timecards - Sum-Total timecards store the totals of each day. Data stored for sum-total timecards include total session time, total time worked on tasks, total tasks, and total target time. Sum-Total Timecards can be found here: Database Timecards.

How it works

Local Storage stores itemized timecards. The Database stores today's tasks as an itemized timecard but all other timecards as Sum-Total timecards.

  1. As you work on the current day's tasks, all tasks are stored in local storage as well as the database.
  2. Every day in between 1-2 AM PST, the server grabs all tasks stored in the database from the perevious day. It sums them up and converts them into a Sum-Total timecard for the day. It then auto generates an excel sheet for you (stored up to 31 days). It then deletes the itemized version of the timecard. If you accidentally clear cache, or are on a different device and want your itemized timecard (assuming 31 days hasn't passed), you may do so by downloading the auto generated excel sheet here: Database Timecards.

Expected Questions

Q: Can I turn on DB storage after already starting the workday?
A: Yes, the current days task will synchronize. Other day's work will not.

Q: Why not store all tasks in the database instead of Sum-Total time cards?
A: In Oct, TickyTimer processed 350,000 tasks. Sum-Total cards keep the database much smaller and easier to manage. You may always download itemized timecards. Local storage also contines to save itemized time cards.

Q: Can I still use Toggl and export features?
A: Yes.

Q: If I turn database storage on what affect does this have on local storage?
A: None. You can continue to see local storage time cards here Timecards.