RaterLabs - An Honest Review From A Search Engine Evaluator

If you have stumbled across this page its probably because you were looking for work at home jobs. Raterlabs has a Search Media Evaluation work at home position, and this post will describe the good, the bad, and the ugly of this position. I do work for RaterLabs so all of my review comes from my own personal experience.

The Good

We will start off with the good, but be sure to read the "the bad" and "the ugly" before making your decision to put in an application. This is a work at home job so the obvious pro is the flexibility the job provides. There is a 15 hour minimum requirement each week so its not 100% flexible, but is more flexible than most jobs out there. The work can also be enjoyable and there is a sense that you are helping making the internet a better place. There is also never an issue getting paid on time which I've seen being an issue at other work at home jobs. This position also now has a 401K plan if interested in saving for retirement.

The Bad

Sometimes the work can be tedious, it really just depends on the task types you get. In a day's work you might work on dozens of task types throughout the day. You really have no idea what tasks you are getting yourself into, so it really stinks to be working on a great task, only for those to run out. Communication isn't great and don't be surprised if you get the same email sent to you 14 times in a Row. Yea that really happened. The company feels like the left foot doesn't always know what the right foot is doing. There are all kinds of wacky tech issues from chat not working, time cards being busted, and even the work extension not working (which is needed to log your hours). For this job you also have to keep track of the time you work yourself (which is the main function of this site). If you lose your time tracking records they will not let you know how much you worked even though they have all that information on their end, YIKES!

The Ugly

By far the worst part of the job is the pay (for new raters) and the review system. Firstly the pay for new hires is around $9/hr when its around $13/hr for older raters. It seems new raters also get paid time off as well as a starting bonuses if you complete X amount of work in your first X amount of weeks. $9 in my honest opinion is not nearly enough even when considering these new hire "benefits". The main con of this job is that you can be restricted months on end for a bad review which is essentially a handful of tasks reviewed for quality. If you fail the review you may be restricted until your score for that task type improves which can take 1-3 months. When restricted you may not be able to work anymore than 1-2 hours depending on how poorly you did on the review set. For this reason I would not recomend this being your main job. I'd use this job as a secondary source of income. Sometimes, you may get another type of review from a bot. These "bot" reviews are not nearly as bad as the other types of reviews, but can still leave you without work for many days. These types of reviews can take days to become unrestricted from in which you simply have to send an email saying what you did wrong to the quality team to become unlocked (or if you did nothing wrong, you will become unlocked automatically once a member of the quality team reviews your work).

The Test

In order to work for RaterLabs you must pass their test before hand. This test is not easy, and you must study before hand. You are not compensated for your time on the test so be sure to keep this in mind before applying. The test can be done over a period of 7 days, so its useful to take your time when completing the exam. It's an open book exam and can usually be taken a second time in case you fail the first time (like I did).

Raterlabs Review Overview

Flexibility: 5/5

Pay: 1/5

Benefits: 1.5/5

Communication: 2/5

Work Enjoyment: 4/5

Overall: 2.5/5

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Who is RaterLabs For?

RaterLabs is for anyone looking to make side income who also want a lot of flexibility. Perhaps work at home moms, college students looking to make some extra cash, anyone looking to make some extra cash to pay bills.

Are there any other companies with the same job?

Yes, LionBridge has the same exact position and even pays more (Word around the block is they pay $14/hr). They offer less hours but you might make more even though you would be working less hours.

Is RaterLabs a scam?

No, as scammy as the home page of their site looks, RaterLabs is in fact a real company.