Chrome Extension - Automatic Task Timer

Updated - 25 September 2019

If you normally click on the bookmarklet, there is a much simpler way to run TickyTimer. I have created a new extension which has been approved by RaterLabs & Leapforce/Appen. If you work for a different company, you can check to see if you can get it approved (not sure if its the same for all companies).


This extension has nothing to do with RaterHub, but with some user input we can make the TickyTimer bookmarklet run automatically (without the need of clicking on anything). It's best to not talk about the extension in chat to prevent it from being banned in the future.

To cover the development cost the extension has a one time fee of $2.99 (or your country's equivalent). Note To Previous Donors: Since you have donated in the past, you can download the extension for free. If you do not see a donor extension button below, please send me a message by clicking this link and I will provide you access as quick as I can.


  1. Visit the extension page by clicking here. You will notice the extension looks just like the page quality assistant. Go ahead and download it. *Please make sure it is on your approved list before hand. Again it is already approved for RaterLabs & Leapforce/Appen.
  2. Once downloaded, click the extension icon and scroll to the bottom until you see a text box below the custom search.
  3. First select the "Enable Automatic Search" Checkbox. Then in the box copy and paste the following "bookmarklet code"

    Task Timer & Task Mapper


    Task Timer Only

  4. Hit submit custom search button. Now you are done. The "bookmarklet" will run automatically on raterhub. You only have to do this once. This option is now saved.
  5. Make sure to allow popups on raterhub (if you are not a previous bookmarklet user). To do this click on the lock on the left side of the url. Where it says pop-ups and redirects hit allow. This is what allows the TT window to open.
  6. Rate On! Tasks will automatically have a timer. Task mapper will pop up automatically.

If you know the extension is allowed for other companies (Lionbridge, etc.) feel free to leave a comment below to let everyone know.