Conversion Crimes Review

What is Conversion Crimes?

Conversion Crimes focuses on helping their clients improve their conversion rate by finding out how users like you use their websites. They than take this information and provide feedback to their clients on how to improve their conversion rates.

How much does Conversion Crimes Pay?

Conversion Crimes pays through PayPal on a weekly basis. Tests typically are about 10 to 20 minutes long and can pay anywhere between $5 and $10 per test. Their site claims that the average pay is $28/hr per hour of testing. They also have a leveling system where testers can receive small cash rewards for taking a certain amount of tests.

Tester Review Overview
Pros Cons
Weekly Payment to Paypal Must Use Native Recorder for Mobile
No Qualification Tests Some Tests Take Longer than Expected
Work When You Want Tests Not Always Available
More Available Tests Than Most Platforms
Improve User Testing Skills with Moderated Feedback
Great Side Income Source
Pants Not Required

Review Detail

How does Conversion Crimes compare to other usability tester platforms?

Conversion Crimes, when compared to testing with other usability sites, is quite good as it provides more tests than many other platforms. The pay is competitive to other platforms, and the lack of qualification tests allows you to spend more time testing and less time filling out annoying pre-task surveys. With that being said, each test has requirements and it is expected that you ensure you satisfy the requirements before taking the test. These requirements are listed upfront to the tester.

How much time is needed per week?

Most tests take 10-20 minutes. There are no work minimums or maximums and you can work when you want. Like any other user testing company, there are times where there are no tests that meet your demographics.

How hard is the work?

User testing is easy work, you simply need to be able to articulate your experiences while navigating a website.

Is it better than

The thing I don't like about is all of the pre test questions I have to answer. Conversion Crimes does not have these surveys, you simply read the requirements and take the test if you qualify. While the payment might be higher on UserTesting per test, the added time to fill out those surveys takes time. Plus I find that I qualify for more tests on Conversion Crimes in any given week than I do at UserTesting. I think they are both great user testing platforms, and have different pros and cons.

How are test videos recorded?

On desktop, videos are recorded with VidGrid. Simply press the record button and start the test. On mobile you need to use your native screen recorder.


Overall Conversion Crimes is a great way to make some side cash. They are a much newer company than competitors, so the potential to move on to future roles is a possibility. The work is fun as you get to explore sites of all types and help them improve their conversion rates by giving feedback on what you think is great and what sucks!

Who should apply?

The following skills are needed to be 5-star tester at Conversion Crimes.

  • Expression
    The ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings about a website.
  • Criticality & Honesty
    The ability to leave honest feedback, even when negative.
  • Focus
    The ability to focus on questions provided on tests.
  • Heart
    The ability to put yourself in the shoes of a real user.
  • Observation
    The ability to observe any issues or items outside of the scope of the test.
  • Suggestive
    The ability to say how the site can be improved.
  • Narration
    The ability narrate as you navigate through a website.
  • Professionalism
    The ability provide feedback in a professional manner.
  • Basic Tech Skills
    The ability to use the internet and setting up recorders.

How to apply

  1. Click the apply button below
  2. Watch the intro video on the Conversion Crimes Page (encouraged but optional)
  3. Click the start now button and fill out your application!

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Conversion Crimes

Conversion Crimes Review

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What is User Testing?

User Testing is where you get payed for providing feedback on websites! Those that do well on user tests are able to articulate their honest opinions of the website.

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