Custom Short Codes

Updated - 30 August 2019

If you do not see the option for custom shortcodes on the bookmarklet please
update the bookmarklet to the code found here.


You may now create your very own shortcodes. To do this follow the following steps

  1. Enter a shortcode per line below.
  2. Hit save and then download to create a JSON file.
  3. Import the file using the settings option on the bookmarklet.


  1. All custom shortcodes must begin with a forwards slash /
  2. Shortcodes may contain shortcodes found on this page: Smart Codes
  3. Shortcodes may contain other custom shortcodes.
  4. Shortcodes must start with a letter
  5. It's probablly best to keep the first character of the shortcode value lowercase. This is because the bookmarklet knows when to capitilize and when not to.
  6. Special Characters '[email protected]# not allowed
The custom shortcodes below are examples. Feel free to include them, edit them, or delete them. In order to save the shortcodes to your account please login.

Extra Information

  1. Custom shortcodes may overwrite previous smart codes. For example you may overwrite /ls by creating a custom shortcode /ls.
  2. Short codes are recursive up to 5 times. So if I create a shortcode called /a with a value of /b, and create a shortcode called /b with a value of /c, and /c with a value of hello world, /a will return hello world (IQ quiz question of the day lol).
  3. Short Codes will save to your user account in case you need to make edits. You can always redownload the file by hitting update and then download.


Say there is a task with a query of "Kittens". We will use the /q shortcode in the value which translates to the query. We will also use the custom shortcode called /info which we created as an example above.

Custom Shortcode Example: /general

Custom Shortcode Value: /info. /4a all contain useful information on /q.

In this case /general would tranlsate into the following:

Result: The user wants infomation on kittens. L1, L2, L3 and R1, R2, R3 all contain useful information on kittens.


To avoid repetitive comments it's always smart to add dynamic fields such as /q or /s or /4a, /4.5l, etc. to your shortcodes. Also, not following the rules in the parameters section above may create odd side effect when leaving comments. To fix this issue hit the clear all custom shortcodes in the bookmarklet menu and refresh the page. Re-Check the parameters section to make sure all shortcode guidelines are being followed. You may want to contact the developer to see what went wrong if you can't figure it out.